Remote Access Tools for Remote IT Support Providers

Remote Access Tools for Remote IT Support Providers

SOFIns offers a remote access tool that allows IT support organizations to deliver high-value services such as Data Recovery, Malware Removal, Operating System Repair, Forensics, and Network Analysis to remote, non-technical users even in situations when the remote computer cannot be started normally.

Access Crippled Computers Remotely

Increase efficiency and lower costs by using SOFIns to remotely deliver services that currently require an onsite visit or physical access to hard disk drives

SOFIns permits remote access even in situations where the remote computer is:
  • Unbootable, due to operating system corruption, hard disk drive failure or because it is a new, unformatted device
  • Unstable, due to virus infection, misconfigured settings or memory problems
  • Unreachable, due to restrictive firewalls that block traditional remote access connections
  • Untouchable, due to prohibition against writing to the hard disk drive when recovering files or conducting forensics


Find Potential Customers

Increase revenue by identifying potential customers that require technical support services

SOFIns offers timely sales leads for remote IT support providers to businesses and individuals that are experiencing computer problems caused by hardware failure, software misconfiguration or malicious hacking.

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